How to paraphrase

How to paraphrase
Here is an example of a paraphrase.

In the box there is an excerpt from page 10 from the book:

Wells, P. (2000). The horror genre: From Beelzebub to Blair Witch. London: Wallflower.

After that you can see how a student has made a paraphrase which is based on the original text in the excerpt. The marking […] indicates that part of the text has been excluded.


[…] if established social and historical frameworks preserve purpose and order in human endeavour, they also come to define the terms and conditions of life itself, and the implied promise of the finite and eternal. The collapse of these frameworks is thus at the heart of the horror text.

Text with paraphrase
According to the British Professor of Cultural Studies, Paul Wells (2000, p. 10), a key theme in the horror genre is the breakdown of the socio-historical structures of society.